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Your Days of Toilet Paper Pain Can End TODAY!!

The Growing Group of Bum Gun Customers Discuss

I am sure you have been through far too many painful, often bloody sessions with toilet paper.

For me, it isn’t just that unpleasant, unclean feeling but the pain from toilet paper can be unbearable. To be honest, it still is, because obviously not everywhere I eat, drink, party has The Bum Gun bidet sprayer installed yet.

It’s not fair – Toilet paper is nasty, it hurts, it doesn’t clean you properly, it soils your underpants, and it makes you itch.

But you are forced to just grin and bear it, pull up your pants and go on about your day.

I can’t understand how toilet paper wasn’t replaced years ago with a better solution to cleaning our bodies after a bathroom visit.

A customer put it perfectly in an email I received a few days ago:

Loving The Titan Bum Gun Greg

I’ve told all my friends & family about it & the reactions continue to amuse me. Seems logical to us & having both travelled extensively, quite the norm! My analogy is this; if you get dog shit on your hand, how do you get it off? With water or a dry bit of paper? Therefore why don’t people use water when they’ve had a number 2?! Thanks again Greg, keep up the good work.

– Bex – 41 Mother, South London

My Family Loves The Bum Gun

Thank you Bum Gun Company. I love my bum gun and I don’t know how our family coped with disgusting toilet tissue for so long!! It was so much easier parenting with my young daughter thanks to this bidet sprayer. All parents have got to install the bum gun in their bathrooms, which is so easy. The thing I loved was that the installation was so quick and easy.

Perhaps you should think of starting an Affiliate Program because this is the kind of product which will just blow up once people realise how awesome it is. Anyone interested in making some spare cash would benefit and so would your company. Just an idea.

Benni, Toronto, Canada

Not only a Bidet Sprayer but much much more….

We have bought 5 Bum Guns for our restaurant and our customers love them.

We have 3 in the guest toilets and they are used daily by dozens of customers, one in the kitchen and one in the bar. They save time and very useful with many jobs.

Money well spent as they make our job easier and our customers’ bums cleaner. Thanks to the bum gun.

Paolo, Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant

Our Family Can’t Live Without The Bum Gun!

The Bum Gun is fantastic for helping us feel really clean after…well, after doing the big job :). Toilet paper alone just doesn’t cut it anymore now that I’ve tried the Bum Gun. That perfect spray of water right where it’s needed does the best clean-up job, and it is so refreshing. A simple bidet in your hand—what a great invention! The Bum Gun is great value and a must-have for every bathroom. My two young sons started using the bum gun at a very early age, saving valuable hassle and dollars. Our family all love the bum gun! We hate it whenever we travel but don’t have bidet sprayers installed. We even plan our holidays around hotels which are up to date with bathroom hygiene.

Rhys – Melbourne, Australia

Your life will never be the same again

When I was growing up in Australia I knew it was very wrong and unhygienic to wipe one’s bottom with a piece of dry paper. My attitude was confirmed when I saw my female Grade 7 Maths teacher with a stream of loo paper hanging out of her skirt. I lived in Asia and thought one of their greatest contributions to civilisation was the spray bidet, so much so that when I returned to Oz recently I brought back the necessary quantity of bum gun sprayers. Cheap to plumb in, protects you from disease, and saves you a ton of money. Thank you Bum Gun.

Catters, Australia

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