Dear Toilet Paper Sufferer

Your Days of Toilet Paper Pain Can End TODAY!!

You Deserve Better – You Know Toilet Paper

Doesn’t Get You Properly Clean!!

I am sure you have been through far too many painful, often bloody sessions with toilet paper.

For me, it isn’t just that unpleasant, unclean feeling but the pain from toilet paper can be unbearable. To be honest, it still is, because obviously not everywhere I eat, drink, party has The Bum Gun bidet sprayer installed yet.

It’s not fair – Toilet paper is nasty, it hurts, it doesnt clean you properly, it soils your underpants, and it makes you itch.

But you are forced to just grin and bear it, pull up your pants and go on about your day.

I can’t understand how toilet paper wasn’t replaced years ago with a better solution for cleaning the most intimate area of our bodies, after every bathroom visit.

A customer put it perfectly in an email I received a few days ago…

Loving My Titan Bum Gun Greg

I’ve told all my friends & family about it & the reactions continue to amuse me. Seems logical to us & having both travelled extensively.

Quite the norm! My analogy is this; if you get dog shit on your hand, how do you get it off? With water or a dry bit of paper? Therefore why don’t people use water when they’ve had a number 2?! Thanks again Greg, keep up the good work.

– Bex – 41, Proud Mother of Two Darling Daughters, South London



When I had a flare up I’d use savlon or aloe vera gel. Anything to relieve the pain.

But then on the next bathroom visit the pain would flare up all over again, that familiar pain and itchiness coming back with a vengeance.

But no matter what creams and ointments I’d use, nothing would cure me of my toilet paper pain.

It was a terrible cycle – the pain would come back, and I’d go see the doctor.

He’d tell me to rub a special cream and that option worked, for a very short while.

But then, just as I was beginning to live life as normal again, just beginning to enjoy my pain-free life, I’d need the toilet again.

I would tell my friends that I couldn’t hang out, because I just wasn’t ‘feeling well’.

I would avoid social functions of all types, just because I couldn’t be comfortable dealing with the pain. At least at home I could jump in the shower instead of using toilet paper.

My life was hell, and I couldn’t seem to get a grip.

For those of us with the pain from toilet paper or haemorrhoid problems, these are the recurring situations that come up.

We get flare-ups and our whole life stops. We do everything we can to relieve the pain, but the problem just crops up over and over and over again.
It’s not fair – we should be able to do more for our health. We shouldn’t just be treating the symptoms; we should be proactive in our health and trying to stop these outbreaks head on.

We should be able to stop the pain from occurring in the first place instead of just waiting for the next painful experience.
After years with recurring pain, I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Then a EUREKA moment!

On a trip to Asia training for a karate tournament, I discovered The Bum Gun!!

With The Bum Gun I found out what I’d been missing all these years, and I finally understood what I needed to do to take my health into my own hands.

Stop Putting Up With Second Best, and Begin Taking Control of Your Life!!

You deserve BETTER than toilet paper…

The time has come for you to begin taking control of your health once and for all.

Imagine waking up tomorrow knowing you don’t have to put up with nasty toilet paper anymore.

Last week, you were pulling up your pants knowing you were not properly clean, and heading for that important meeting hardly feeling your best.

This morning, though, those nasty days are just a distant memory.

Thanks to finding The Bum Gun bidet sprayer website you can make informed decisions about upgrading your life. After all, you KNOW you deserve better in your life. You work very hard!! You DO deserve better in your life!!

You can eat spicy foods again, knowing if you become a bit more regular, The Bum Gun bidet sprayer will take care of your hygiene needs effortlessly, with comfort and tenderness.

You will be ready for the day ahead, be it to work, to a meeting, or on a date with friends or a loved one.

You will always have a fantastic day with The Bum Gun bidet sprayer taking care of your hygiene needs!

You will feel great, and totally productive.

After work, you head out for a night with your friends for a great time out, and your life just keeps getting better and better.

As time goes on, you’ll make sure all the places you visit frequently have The Bum Gun installed; such as at work, at the gym, your favourite restaurants. Then you won’t have to deal with nasty toilet paper anymore.

Your life is great; you’ve finally taken your health into your own hands and have the means to prevent bacteria and discomfort affecting your life.

You know what you’re doing, you know what you want, and you know how to stay healthy. All thanks to one handy jet sprayer…

Are You Ready to Finally Be Free of Nasty Toilet Paper?

Living a life with toilet paper can be absolute hell. Your life literally slows to a standstill, you can’t work and you can’t go out with friends because everything is uncomfortable when moving.

The pain can be unbearable and you can’t seem to concentrate on any task at hand, you’re always preoccupied with your sore butt.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Now, you can have the device to really take control of your health.

You can take control of your hygiene, and get rid of the itchy burning painful feeling now and for good.

Soon, you’ll have the jet spray mini shower to take control of your life, your health, and your happiness.

With The Bum Gun installed you’ll have the means to make real informed decisions about your health instead of being at the whim of someone who doesn’t have to walk around in your shoes.

Now, you can have the means to finally do something good for your body so you don’t have to suffer from toilet paper anymore!

You’ll quickly realize that you should have switched a long time ago. But you don’t have to beat yourself up about it. The important thing is that you have made the decision NOW!!

By Investing in YOURSELF, You’ll BENEFIT by…

  • Cleanliness – Smear around with toilet paper or wash properly with an invigorating jet spray of fresh water?
  • Need Less Sick Days – Sick days are estimated to cost the US economy $84 billion per year (Gallup), and in the UK £29 billion ($43.8 billion). Reduced exposure to harmful bacteria. It’s undeniable that toilet paper exposes your hands to bacteria and few people wash their hands sufficiently.
  • Have More Energy – Gym, play with your children, not collapse on the sofa, more vibrant to take full advantage of your weekends and life in general.
  • Confidence – Relief from pain will give you the confidence and the ability to join your friends for every activity, instead of making excuses. In fact, you will lead from the front.
  • Motivation – To keep up with your Exercise and Diet..
  • Stress Reduction – often, hemorrhoids are brought on by stress. With less stress you’ll effectively reduce those unnecessary hemorrhoid outbreaks.
  • Painless – The comfortable jet spray of The Bum Gun versus rough, dry, abrasive toilet paper? No comparison!!
  • Finally The Ability To Control your life – If you want a spicy curry you can, without the fear an upset stomach might give you. …and so much more!

Are You Ready To Take Control of Your 
Health and Ditch Toilet Paper for Good?

You don’t have to waste one more minute suffering through the pain and humiliation of toilet paper!

Now, you can have the tools to take control of your life, once and for all, and say goodbye to those, painful, itchy feelings – for good!

“Yes! I Want My Family To Be Free of Nasty Toilet Paper For Only £60 (Or £75.00 with safety valve)”

You’ve wasted far too long sitting on the sidelines of your own life.

Pain and poor hygiene take the very best out of our lives, making it difficult for us to do ordinary, everyday things.

Stop waiting around for your pain and discomfort to cure themselves, and start being proactive!

Soon, you’ll have the device to finally have that clean shower feeling after every bathroom visit.

You’ll also be able to go to the bathroom without fear of pain.

You’ll be able to have that spicy curry you desire without fear of pain.


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More and more people are realizing the massive benefits of The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer every day to leave them feeling ‘Shower Fresh Clean’ after using the bathroom.

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Is that fair or what?

Stop Sitting on The Sidelines and Start Living Your Healthy Clean Life Today!

You can’t afford one more minute suffering through toilet paper or a hemorrhoid outbreak.

We’ve seen our friends, family, and parents suffer silently for years, and we do not deserve the same fate!

It’s time to take our lives and health into our own hands and begin living the life we deserve!

It’s time to stop suffering, and time to start living again!

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Dedicated to bathroom hygiene,

Greg Noland

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